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How we targeted LEED.

Site & landscape:
  • Building a compact structure in an already developed area
  • Proximity to community resources & transit services
  • Proximity to park spaces
  • Use of native, drought-tolerant plants
  • Limiting the amount of grass

General construction:
  • The construction of a highly durable building
  • Using environmentally preferable materials

Energy conservation:
  • Avoiding installation of a mechanical cooling system
  • Energy modelling of the design prior to construction
  • Considered window placement to maximize daylighting
  • EnergyStar appliances
  • An efficient heating system (and keeping that heat inside)
  • Wiring rough-ins for future solar photovoltaic panels

Water conservation:
  • Installation of low-flow bathroom & kitchen fixtures
  • An efficient hot water distribution system
  • Appliances that use water efficiently
  • Considered irrigation for landscaping
  • Plumbing rough-ins for future solar hot water

Indoor Air Quality:
  • Installation of an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator)
  • Hardwood & Marmoleum flooring - No carpets
  • Natural ventilation (operable windows & stack effect)
  • Radiant in floor heating to produce high quality heated air
  • Use of low or no VOC interior finishes

Air tightness:
  • A well-designed, high performance wall section
  • Installation of superior quality windows

Third-Party testing of key areas.