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Our Project Team on Quimper House

Emil Wessner - Bo Project
Helen Lui - E3 Eco Group
Bengt Jansson -
Parallel Consulting Structural Engineers
Dave Young -
West Bay Mechanical
Dean Fech -
DEA Electric
Robin Bruce -
Ryzuk Geotechnical Engineering
Scott Murdoch - Murdoch de Greeff Inc Landscape Architects
Adam Weir -
Paradise Cityscapes Landscape Contracting
Wendy Smith -
Performance Energy Advisors

Our project owes its success to the many friends and colleagues who have helped us along the way. To name just a few...

Franc d'Ambrosio &
Gwen Howey
Everest Lapp
Janna Levitt

Terry Bergen
Rob Barry
Craig Fulton
Cheri Crause
Terri Meyer Boake
Julie Brown & Tim Judge
Rob Nykolaishen
Tim Ogden
Gaston Castano
Richard Corman
Greg Damant
Peter Schiønning
Jacqueline Marinus
Adam Fawkes & Nikko Snow
Terry Kopeck
Sue Clark
John Straube