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Our Sustainable Choices & Principles.

In designing our house we made many decisions with the goal of increasing the livability of the home, improving the lifespan of the building and paying attention to the environment.

  • Recycling as much of the existing building as possible.
  • Minimal disturbance to the site and its plantings during construction.
  • Window sizes and placements for improved daylighting.
  • Natural ventilation for cooling, by design.
  • High-performance, high quality windows.
  • Almost double the insulation required by building code.
  • A contiguous insulation layer outboard of the structural framing.
  • Insulation around and under the entire foundation & slab.
  • A combined high-performance air & vapour barrier.
  • The installation of a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV).
  • Plumbing and electrical conduit-ready for solar hot water and photovoltaic (PV).
  • Roofing to allow for rainwater collection and use.
  • Low-flow bathroom fixtures.
  • Minimized exterior lighting.
  • Minimized hardscaping to allow rainwater drainage.
  • Native, drought-tolerant plantings.